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For the first time, INCBA will be presenting legal education in Las Vegas with MJBizCon!

December 10, 2019 // Las Vegas Convention Center

New this year, we will be presenting legal education in Las Vegas in conjunction with MJBizCon. We are incredibly excited to finish off our educational year speaking about liquidity events for your clients - how to make an exit and help your colleagues realize the gains of their sweat equity.

Our four hours of Continuing Legal Education in Las Vegas will center on business exit strategies and liquidity events.

Whether the founders want to step back entirely or continue to play a role in the management of the company they built, their goal will be to realize some or all of the gains of their sweat equity in these transactions, and - on the other side of the table - your investor clients have a host of issues to address as they kick the tires on these commercial cannabis operators. During the sessions, we will take a look at three types of exits:

  • Sale of the entire cannabis business to a private company.

  • Sale of certain divisions or assets of the cannabis business.

  • The initial public offering of the cannabis business.

And then take a deep dive into the technical structuring of these deals by examining the tax implications of the various paths your clients may travel. Rounding out INCBA's 2019 educational arc, these important sessions addressing the issues and mechanics for cannabis business exit strategies and liquidity events will give you the tools you need to best serve your clients in these transactions.

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