Lauren Rudick

I am a partner in the NYC-based boutique law firm, Hiller, PC. I am a “recovering litigator,” having practiced complex commercial and land-use/zoning litigation for 10 years, before turning (almost exclusively) to corporate transactions in 2014. I represent primarily investors and start-up businesses in the cannabis industry. On the investment side, I perform due diligence, identify areas of legal exposure, and ascertain how legal issues may factor into a valuation. On the start-up side, I help businesses to become investor-ready.

I came to the cannabis industry through my mother’s end of life care (in 2009). At the time, we were living in California (temporarily). There, I was exposed to the industry, pre-Cole memorandum, as her registered caregiver, and supported the owner of our collective through his legal issues (mostly land-use/zoning). My first true clients in the cannabis industry were family offices and angel investors. I quickly gained exposure to the various cannabis deal forms and structures, and the unique business predicaments that cannabis operators face. In 2015, I began writing for Marijuana Venture magazine on a monthly basis. Shortly thereafter, I began speaking at local and national conferences. Today, cannabis constitutes 100% of my practice.

Last summer, my law partner and I conceived of, and instituted Washington v. Sessions, the federal civil lawsuit seeking a declaration that the Controlled Substances Act, as it pertains to cannabis, is unconstitutional. Unquestionably, the cannabis industry needs attorneys. And we (attorneys), need each other. I believe that I would be an asset to the NCBA Board, because I am extremely passionate about the industry. I am also committed to, and enjoy learning from others, and sharing what I have learned and experienced, to help and inspire new attorneys to enter the industry.

I recognize the value in establishing and sharing protocols for practice, and that NCBA enjoys the unique opportunity to create standards. I also enjoy developing creative ways to fundraise, and the comradery of meetings. I believe that I am attentive and helpful to the needs of others. And despite my busy schedule, I am eager to prioritize the growth and stability of NCBA.