Dear NCBA Member, 

As part of our effort to continue increasing the level of services to our membership, we are launching new membership software that will allow better integration of our website with the services that we offer, including:

1) Real time updating of membership profiles

2) Online discussion groups that address issues in a given substantive area of law

3) Streamlined membership renewal and option to set up recurring billing

4) Access to members-only pages and Board of Director voting. 

5) Purchases of webinars and videos on the site that are linked to your membership profile (coming soon).

In order to provide these benefits, you will be required to fill out a new membership profile hereIf you do not do so, your name will continue to appear on the Directory, but your profile will be incomplete, and you will not be able to access the full benefit of your membership, so please create your account and fill out your profile now!

Please note that you will be able to access the new membership directory and discussion forums with your updated profile immediately using the member portal, but that the existing directory will continue to appear on the navigation bar until our transition date of June 25. So please, be sure to complete your new memberships profile as soon as possible!

To provide additional differentiation between annual members, and our sustaining/lifetime members, the higher tier memberships will have additional membership benefits related to the directory. These include being able to upload a headshot or firm logo on your profile, and having 10 searchable practice areas instead of the 5 available to annual members. Students and non-attorney members will not appear on the new directory (no change). 

How to access your membership profile

1. Follow this link to access the member login page. 

2. Enter the emailaddress at which you received this email. 

3. Click the "Need Password" button.

4. Retrieve password from your email, and use that to sign on to your account

5. If you would like to change your email, or if another individual (secretary, assistant, etc.) has purchased your membership for you, change your email under your membership profile. Your changed emailaddress will be your new login ID. View this video for step by step directions.

In order to view the new searchable membership profiles, visit this page.

If your membership has expired in the past few weeks, you will receive a new password and a prompt to update your membership. Please contact me at if you believe an error has been made. 


Want to edit your own profile? Click Here