Amy McDougal

I am particularly passionate about cannabis law because of my father. He was a physician, board-certified in Addiction Medicine. My father was a staunch advocate for legalization. He felt that his patients should be able to choose what to put in their bodies, but if they chose a drug, they should be able to rely on it being properly dosed and uncontaminated. My mother’s challenges in obtaining marijuana for a medicinal tincture for my father as he was dying from ALS are partly the reason the Maryland Medical Marijuana law was passed.

It seems both passion and path have lead me to this practice area. After earning a Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance (don’t laugh – yes, it takes 4 years), I attended Vanderbilt Law School. Upon graduation, I accepted an Air Force commission. I spent the first 12 years of my career prosecuting as a JAG and Special Assistant US Attorney. I then began my civilian career as an in-house counsel and became a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional. I launched my company CLEAResources in 2014. I have spent the past decade guiding companies to develop strong ethics and compliance programs to support ethical prosperity.

There will be no more fascinating time in our legal careers than the legalization of cannabis. As we navigate the changing landscape together, we are at the tip of the spear. The industry looks to us as a compass to avoid peril. The government looks to us to shape policy. My vision for the NCBA is to be the go-to resource for all of us as we practice our profession, uphold our oath, and serve our clients. I am ready to continue the hard work we have ahead of us as we shape the legal landscape for generations to come.