Want to host an event for members and potential members in your area?  Fill out the form below at least three weeks in advance and we can help you by:

  • Preparing an invitation for your event

  • Helping you promote the event using the NCBA Newsletter or other means available at the time

  • Featuring the event in a subsequent issue of the NCBA Newsletter

  • Sending you an electronic copy of flyers to hand out

  • Sending you an electronic copy of a sign-in sheet

  • Helping you identify sponsors or, in some cases, providing a small budget

For events with 75 or more anticipated attendees, in addition to the above, we also will:

  • Send you NCBA shwag to giveaway at your event

  • Arrange, or assist with arranging, a local photographer to memorialize the event

We ask that you:

  • Promote the event using your network

  • Encourage people to sign up as members

  • Submit the sign-in sheet to us after your event

  • Identify volunteers to assist with your event onsite

  • Handle the logistics for your event (we will provide you with a handy checklist of what an event generally needs to be successful)

For events co-located with a CLE, please contact us at info@canbar.org

For NCBA participation at a local conference, please contact us at info@canbar.org.


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