Joanna Hossack

Joanna Hossack is an attorney at the firm Clark Neubert LLP. She heads up the firm’s Sacramento office and is a leading expert in California’s emerging regulations as well as the ever-evolving legislative and regulatory processes, which drive nearly constant change impacting the cannabis and hemp communities. She has served on the Board of Directors of INCBA for the past year and is the Chair of the Student’s Committee. As a practicing attorney licensed in California, Joanna advises clients on a wide variety of topics from water and sustainable irrigation to social equity and local permitting.

Joanna led the formation of several Student Chapters of the INCBA at law schools across the country and participated in and hosted several panels at different law schools in the Bay Area. Joanna looks forward to continuing this work creating student chapters both nationally and internationally. She plans to expand the student chapters and continue to coordinate student and attorney networking events. This work is important as INCBA works to build a solid foundation for the next generation of cannabis counsel--and to build bridges and ensure continuity between those working on cannabis law today and those who will pick up the torch in coming years.

As an immigrant and dual citizen of the United States and the United Kingdom, Joanna is well suited to serve the INCBA during its international expansion. Moving to California gave Joanna firsthand experience with the complexities of international law and--in part--inspired her career in law. Now, as cannabis law reform is gaining momentum throughout the world, Joanna is excited to explore these new frontiers and begin making sense of the opportunities and risks that face attorneys and the clients that are served.

INCBA has big organizational goals and a big role to play in the continued policy reform as legal cannabis continues to emerge in the coming years. Joanna is ready and able to be a significant contributor to the realization of these organizational aspirations and to the continued advancement of reasonable cannabis laws.