NCBA’s program consists of high-quality legal education presented by expert attorneys at the top of their respective fields. Our program content is wide-ranging, relevant, and addresses everything from the foundation of the cannabis movement to the most topical issues affecting clients in all aspects of the cannabis industry. We provide information the cannabis bar must  be fluent in about the critical issues that affect industry clients.

The National Cannabis Bar Association serves as the educational hub for cannabis attorneys across the United States and worldwide. 

In 2019, NCBA has organized our in-person educational events into a cohesive set of courses that will allow you to address every aspect of practice as it relates to your clients. We will present a lineup of topics and speakers that will serve every geographical need, and address the requisite substantive issues for effectively tackling the issues you face in your daily practice.

2019 Educational Arc

Coordinating our educational content throughout the year and working closely with MJBiz, we are organizing three of our conferences into one cohesive arc, allowing us to address topics that mirror the growth of a typical cannabis business client.

Starting with the MJBizConNEXT conference in New Orleans (June 11), NCBA will  focus on the startup issues that face our clients. Clients initially approach their counsel to form their business, appropriately structure their enterprise, identify and procure rights to real estate, tackle state licensing and regulatory issues, obtaining  insurance, protecting their intellectual property, and for help in virtually every aspect of initiating a cannabis business. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, we will also do a deep dive into hemp issues,

Next, at our third annual Cannabis Law Institute in New York City (dates to be announced), our program will focus on the issues that face your clients as going concerns, guiding you how to advise clients that will continue to encounter a host of issues that relate to the operation of a business, including raising money through growth stages, entering into commercial contracts, addressing labor & employment issues, proper corporate governance, growing without running afoul of federal law and regulatory agencies, as well as countless other issues. At this CLI, we will also explore international opportunities and the challenges associated with global expansion.

Ultimately, at MJBiz in Las Vegas (date to be announced), we will focus on advanced issues and strategies to support your client’s options are for an eventual exit or further expansion, considering mergers and acquisitions,  private equity transactions versus an IPO, presenting a company that is  attractive to investors, valuation of companies, and more.

Recognizing that your client’s businesses face complex regulatory compliance issues that require jurisdictional specific analysis and solutions, please also join us at NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit and Expo in San Jose, CA (July 22), to examine emerging regulatory issues as they arise across the country. Using California’s new regulations as a template, we will robustly examine the issues that are most troublesome to your clients and their business. Expert practitioners from across the country will guide you through the solutions to support achieving success in the cannabis industry.

2019 Schedule of Live In-Person Continuing Legal Education Events

MJBizConNEXT and MJBizHemp
The Cannabis Law Sessions
Starting Up

June 11, 2019, New Orleans, LA

Key Curriculum: Startup Issues and the Status of Hemp/CBD

At the Cannabis Law Sessions, NCBA will be presenting six hours* of Continuing Legal Education focused on Startup Issues, the emerging markets of the South and East Cost, and the new status of Hemp and CBD under the 2019 Farm Bill. This year, NCBA’s presentation of The Cannabis Law Sessions in New Orleans will represent the first of three installments specially coordinated with MJBiz, which will largely mirror the evolution of your clients cannabis business.
*CLE Credit will be offered for select jurisdictions, based on NCBA CLE policy. Credit jurisdictions
are identified based on attendance from that particular jurisdiction.

Tickets include entry into social event following educational portion of the event, and will include

Member Pricing: $699 Early Bird Discount: $499 (Next Price Increase Occurs April 11, 2019)

Non-Member Pricing: $899 Early Bird Discount: $749 (Next Price Increase Occurs April 11, 2019)

The New US Hemp Economy-State and Federal Considerations

The historic passage of the 2018 Farm Bill changed the legal landscape for cannabis, exempting hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and shifting the regulation of its production from the DEA to the USDA. With states having the option to have primary regulatory over hemp production, and the ability to have more stringent requirements than the federal government, it is critical that businesses understand the relevant federal and state laws governing the production and sale of hemp products. With a patchwork of rapidly changing state hemp laws, continued instances of enforcement, the USDA in the process of federal rule making, FDA prohibiting the sale of CBD and other cannabinoid products, how can businesses operate in compliance with the law? Will the FDA allow CBD in food or dietary supplement products? What can businesses do as these laws are evolving? Attendees will understand the current state of the law, how it is poised to change, and how to position for compliance and success.


Courtney Moran, EarthLaw LLC
Rod Kight, Knight Law Office
Will Woodlee,
Kleinfeld, Kaplan, & Becker, LLP
Shawn Hauser, Vicente Sederberg LLC

Starting Up: Sowing the Seeds of Your Client’s Success

Examine the issues that cannabis businesses face during startup, including choice of entity and jurisdiction, governance, early stage financing, tax, and considerations for exit. The panel will also discuss disputes that can arise from a failure to organize properly at startup and how to avoid those disputes.


Julie Saltman, Buddle
Nick Richards, Dill Dill Carr Stonbraker & Hutchings, PC
Dan Garfield, McCallister Garfield
Dean Richardson, Moye White

Risk Management: How to Make Marijuana Related Businesses Bulletproof

Only death and taxes are inevitable.  A lawyer armed with decent risk management fundamentals can diminish most other horrible outcomes. Risk management is the identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical resources application which minimize, monitor, and control unfortunate events' probability or impact.  Learn the differences between "Insurance Risk Management" and "Enterprise Risk Management". On the insurance side, familiarize yourself with coverage available to marijuana related businesses for: Casualty; Directors and Officers: Property Title; Crop; Malpractice; and Dram Shop and Server Liability. In the enterprise realm, acquaint yourself with: cyber security; "best practices" operating procedures; HIPPA compliance; reliance on regulation (and regulators); operating in “grey areas” (e.g. SweetLeaf looping); and litigation trends as "risk indicators."


Erin Alexander, Cresco Labs
Krystal Saab,
Steve Schain, Schain Law Firm
Katy Young, Astra Legal
Jason Horst, Horst Legal Counsel

Real Estate: Location (Zoning), Location (Environmental), Location (Nuisance)!

Description: An important aspect in getting your cannabis business off the ground is finding the right property for your business.  Ensuring that it is feasible for you to operate in the way you desire on your property is critical to a successful cannabis business.  This panel will take a closer look at the multitude of factors to consider when determining where to locate your business, including local government land use and zoning regulations, environmental and energy concerns, risk factors in owning or leasing property, and much more.

Sal Pace, Marijuana Policy Project
Jennifer Mizrahi,
City Attorney
Aaron Johnson,
JRG Attorneys
Valerio Romano,
Vicente Sederberg LLC
Genny Kiley,
Greenbridge Corporate Counsel

Intellectual Property at a High Level

An introduction to counseling intellectual property matters for all cannabis businesses, especially those in their infancy. Panelists will cover some foundational IP principles and best practices in a conversation designed to advance attorneys’ understanding of IP ownership considerations, brand protection, innovation capturing, and how to navigate nuances specific to businesses in the cannabis industry.


Alison Malsbury, Harris Bricken
Megan Rimovsky, Cannabistry
Zareefa Flener, Flenner IP & Business Law
Amanda Conley,
Brand & Branch
Jeremy Kapteyn,
KW Law

The Lawyers Perspective: Accepting Your First or Five-Hundredth Cannabis Client

Representing cannabis clients presents a minefield of issues for the unwary lawyer, over and above questions relating to the conflict between state and federal law. Every day, cannabis attorneys struggle with questions like, what makes a good cannabis client? Can lawyers ethically represent multiple, competing cannabis clients? What terms are essential in a cannabis client engagement letter? How can lawyers ethically and effectively lobby on behalf of clients? What kinds of reputation issues do cannabis attorneys face in the industry? How should lawyers structure and accept fees from cannabis clients? The panel will walk through all of these issues and more to provide attendees with a solid understanding of both the ethical and practical considerations associated with representing clients in this exciting industry.

Jason Klein, Offit Kurman
Andy Bowers,
Andy Bowers  & Associates
Sara Presler,
Presler Consulting, LLC
Amy McDougal, Clear Resources
Omar Figueroa,
Law Offices of Omar Figueroa

NCIA Cannabis Business Summit and Expo
Legal Education for Cannabis Attorneys

July 22, 2019, San Jose, CA

Key Curriculum: Regulatory Focus

NCBA is thrilled to present Continuing Legal Education for the 4th year in a row at our longest-running in-person educational conference. With a new set of California regulations, San Jose is the perfect setting to explore the implementation of state regulations, using pain points of California’s own regulations to compare and contrast with other state’s regulatory regimes. Outside of our Cannabis as a Business educational arc, the focus on regulatory issues at our San Jose event will be critical for attorneys representing clients at any and every stage of their cannabis business.

Cannabis Law Institute (CLI)

September, Manhattan, NY

Key Curriculum: All Things CannaBusiness

This year, NCBA will bring our third annual Cannabis Law Institute to New York. As the east coast enters and expands the market, NCBA will be there to help lawyers learn every aspect of cannabis legal representation. NCBA’s continued focus will be on helping our members support their clients through every phase of starting and operating a cannabusiness, Additionally, NCBA will be expanding our international offerings to include surveys of many of the most active jurisdictions across the world.

Cannabis Law Sessions
Making An Exit

December, Las Vegas, NV (Tentative)

Key Curriculum: Making an Exit

As the 2019 educational year comes to an end, NCBA will present a special set of sessions for the first time concurrent with MJBizCon in Las Vegas. We will focus on how you can facilitate your clients making an exit, preparing your clients to be attractive to investors,  from the perspective of an IPO or private equity offering, and what you need to know to advise your clients on considerations for timing, strategy, execution, and continuing obligations.


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