Committee Applications Now Open!

NCBA is excited to announce that committee and regional representative positions are now open for application. Applications should be submitted to The subject of the email should include "Application for Committee" and the first choice committee of the applicant. Please indicate in the body of the application [email] if you were previously on a committee and if you wish to remain on that committee or are applying for a different committee. The email itself should include:

  • Name
  • Committee Choice (Rank up to three)
  • A short message with information you believe is pertinent to your application that is not addressed in your statement of interest (optional, maximum four sentences, please include prior committee membership)
  • An attachment (Word or PDF) that includes:
    • A resume, CV, or other document that describes your experience in the legal or cannabis industries.
    • A statement of interest for the committee(s) you have selected and the contributions you believe you could make (maximum 500 words). 

Committees will be filled on a rolling basis until all spaces are filled. Applications must be active attorney-members of NCBA (annual, sustaining, or lifetime). Incomplete applications will not be considered. Committee appointments will be for a term of two years.* 


Legal Education Committee
The legal education committee plans legal educational events throughout the year and creates our webinar schedule. The committee’s role is broad, and the members play an integral role in developing our CLE content. The committee selects speakers, helps pick the events in which NCBA will participate as an educational partner, arranges the content and speakers for webcasts and webinars, and helps coordinate CLE credits with local representatives.
Apply for this committee if: you are interested in arranging the content for our live and online educational CLE offerings, and have the industry knowledge ability to fill our panels with the highest level of legal talent.

Knowledge Management Committee
The Knowledge Management Committee is made up of experts in their respective substantive area of practice, and offers our members tools that enable them to stay on top of this constantly changing industry. We run members-only discussion groups that focus on different substantive areas and address what a particular member may be working on at any given time. We help provide insights from the leading legal minds in the industry, and synthesize emerging legal topics with historic industry knowledge. Each committee member is an expert in their concentration of law and will help determine the what we can and will offer our members to support their daily practice of law, including by running discussion and working groups in their particular substantive area.
Apply for this committee if: you are an expert in a particular substantive areas, you would like to lead online discussions in your concentration, and you are exited about supporting your fellow attorneys in this unique industry. 

Fumus Iuris (Journal) Committee
The journal committee is the force behind what will become our biannual legal journal, Fumus Iuris. While each of our content offerings are focused on facilitating the everyday practice of law, the journal is focused on publishing high-quality law-review style journal that focuses on the some of the most difficult topics that continue to arise in this novel and complex area of law. The NCBA legal journal will be the pinnacle of legal thought in the cannabis industry, will provide a level of analysis unparalleled in the cannabis legal space concentrating on legal and policy issues at the local, state and federal level.
Apply for this Committee if: you have skills to contribute to a high-quality legal journal and you are excited about setting the bar for a legal publication in the cannabis industry. 

Membership Committee
The Membership and Benefits Committee oversees all things related to membership. The Committee’s focus is on expanding membership through outreach as well as by expanding the benefits available to our members. The committee organizes and arranges all strategic partnerships with both cannabis industry partners and ancillary legal service provides, in an effort to make the practice of law in our industry more streamlined, efficient, and effective. Membership also plays an integral role in funding the organization by setting membership rates, designing membership packages and spearheading our effects to sponsor our website, webinars, and in-person CLE events. A role on this committee gives you a chance to be an integral part of NCBA’s growth and strategic placement in the cannabis and legal industries.
Apply for this committee if: you are interested in creating new and novel ways for NCBA to expand our valuable network, and have a knack for identifying industry benefits and sponsorships that will make our practice of law easier on a daily basis. 

Students and Academic Affairs Committee
The Students and Academic Affairs Committee is primarily focused on integrating students into our association and grooming the next generation of great legal minds in law as it relates to our specialized industry. There are multiple initiatives currently underway, and the committee will help facilitate student involvement in a variety of areas, including, among others, helping to develop CLE content, assisting with NCBA legal publications and research, and participating in student externship programs. The committee will help determine NCBA Student member incentives and membership criteria, and is the primary point of contact for students with NCBA.
Apply for this committee if: you are interested in helping students find their place in the legal industry and want to help create the next generation of great legal minds to help move the cannabis industry forward.

Events Committee
The Events Committee is made up of a select number of regional representatives, and is responsible for overseeing the regional events, including mixers, socials and roundtables. The national events subcommittee is responsible for planning out larger national events, including receptions at the Cannabis Law Institute and our parties at other nationally focused events. The events committee seeks out sponsorships for events and plans each aspect, including the dates, locations, and amenities for each.
Apply for this committee if: you would like to participate in the organization of regional events (both academic and networking), and you want to be involved with NCBA’s national standalone and partnership events. 

Amicus Committee
The amicus committee examines current cases filed and pending in the courts to determine whether it is in the interest of NCBA to intervene as amicus curiae. The committee examines cases from the perspective of the attorney representing clients that are actively engaged in the cannabis industry, and plays a critical role in selecting the attorneys on the case and in the public dissemination of information. The amicus committee also helps to shape the NCBA’s public facing stance on these matters and helps draft public statements on issues as they arise in the industry. The committee is a key component of NCBA staying abreast of the current legal landscape and must identify cases that implicate the practice of law either through their own sources or from cases flagged by our members and affiliates.
Apply for this committee if: you keep your pulse on the current legal issues facing law practice in the cannabis industry and would like to help craft the NCBA approach to specific issues and aid in the drafting of NCBA briefs.

Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee
The Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee is responsible for remaining abreast of the ethical issues faced by attorneys serving cannabis businesses. With rules and guidelines changing every day, the committee is tasked with providing basic information about our ability to practice law in different jurisdictions across the country. The committee works closely with the legal education committee to ensure that our educational offering reflect the most up-to-date information on ethical issues, as well as the amicus committee to ensure that the pressing ethical issues are addressed in the correct forum. The area of ethics is one of the most important facing our profession as we serve this industry, and is our Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee that tackles these issues.
Apply for this committee if: you like staying up on your ethics, and you’d like to help ensure that attorneys serving the cannabis industry stay on the right side of ethical issues.

* Initial committee appointments may be for one or two year terms, in order to stagger committee terms. Subsequent appointments will all be for a term of two years. 

Regional Representatives

NCBA will be appointing Regional Representatives to facilitate regional events and communications. Representatives will be appointed on an as-needed basis dependent on our membership in specific regions. Regional Representatives will be required to host two regional networking events per year, maintain a local list-serve, and apply for CLE credit in their region.