The Laws and Regulatory Systems of the West

Featuring Mitzi Vaughn, Leland Berger, Jason Brandeis, Charlie AloVisetti, Kimberly Simms
The ever-changing landscape of Cannabis regulations on a state-by-state basis Creates an incredibly challenging regulatory system for those seeking to either advise on or enter the exploding cannabis marketplace. Despite the excitement about this rapid change and growth within our industry, there are still many obstacles to overcome and choices to be made about where, when, and how to operate. Learn from leading experts advising in Western states about the legislation that impacts each state as well as the unique challenges each state faces as it emerges out of the black market and into an era of cannabis compliance.

Course Material:
WA Medical Marijuana Laws and Regulations (CLI 2017)
HI Laws Slides
HI and WA Laws
Alaska Slides
Oregon Material