Keynote: Senator Tick Segerblom in Conversation with Lara DeCaro

In November 2016, Nevada voters agreed to legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol. Senator Segerblom was instrumental in this movement and the campaign. He continues to take a public and positive position on the reform of cannabis laws in his state, including by being the first person in line to purchase adult-use cannabis in Las Vegas at the Wee hours of June 30, 2017. Senator Segerblom has not stood on the sidelines during the implementation of the new laws in his state -- in fact, he has been active in the development of the regulations and in overseeing and supporting the launch of the adult-use program. Senator Segerblom joins Lara DeCaro in a conversation about the reform movement in Nevada, the role of the casino, alcohol, and tourism industries, tax law reform and the tax revenue impact from legal cannabis, and his perspective on the future of cannabis law reform in Nevada and throughout the United States and at a federal level.