The Future of Medical Cannabis (CLI 2018)

In states that have passed adult-use regulations on top of their medical regimes, we've seen a convergence of the regulatory requirements that, in some cases, effectively eliminate the bifurcated market. As more states' adult use markets come online, will we see the importance of the medical market diminish? Is there - and indeed, should there be - a separate set of medical regulations as the sigma of cannabis continues to fall away? This session will be moderated by the Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access, Steph Sherer.  

Panelists (speaker bios):
Steph Sherer (President, ASA and Director of Innovations, ICCI) 
Jaime Lewis (Coldwater Consulting) 
Amy Jenkins (Precision Lobbying) 
John Hudak (Brookings Institute)
Joe Hunter
Written Materials:
Slide Deck

State and Federal Law 
State By State Analysis 
Model Legislation 
AHPA Industry Standards
Patient Focused Certification - Information For Regulators 
ASA:  Medical Marijuana Access in the USA
ASA - Opiod Blueprint