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The Inside Track - Preparing For Your Future In the Cannabis Industry


Presented by the Law Office of Kimberly R. Simms & California Cannabis CPA

In the race to obtain a state marijuana license, you won’t have a shot at winning unless you’re following the industry closely and paying attention to all the policy changes and details. The cannabis industry is complex and everyone is watching closely - placing their bets on the companies and ventures that will ultimately succeed. In order to come out a victor - You need to be on the inside track.

With last year’s passage of the Medical Cannabis Regulation & Saftey Act (MCRSA) and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), the California cannabis market is experiencing a renaissance. The market is being completely overhauled – turning from a “grey” market into a highly regulated market. Legacy operators must decide if they want to accept changes in policy, while at the same time more “traditional” investors and businesspeople are deciding if they want enter the market and become “cannapreneurs.”

This seminar will cover topics directly relevant to California’s medical and adult use marijuana laws – including:

State licensing structures and regulations under both the Medical Cannabis Regulation & Safety Act and Proposition 64

● Navigating the new tax structure under AUMA & IRS Tax Code 280;

● Local government regulations and land use policy;

● Navigating the local permitting process; 

● Emerging aspects of marijuana business such as distribution, quality assurance, the future of the delivery service model and branding, packaging & labeling.

In order to gain “inside track” knowledge regarding the ever-evolving cannabis industry, attendees will learn directly from:

● Leading practitioners in Cannabis Law & Tax

● Consultants working hands-on with municipalities in crafting their land use policies

● A licensed cannabis operator about the changes to current laws and future regulations.


Current Cannabis Business Operators, Aspiring Cannapreneurs, Investors, Real Estate Professionals, Government Employees, Insurance Professionals, Municipal Employees, and anyone else interested in the future of California’s cannabis industry.

Get tickets here. $150.

About the presenter:

Kimberly R. Simms earned her law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and became a member of the California State Bar in 2009.  Kimberly started her own law practice immediately after law school focusing on the legal and political needs of the medical marijuana community.  In her law practice, she has fought relentlessly for patients’ rights, negotiated with government officials to craft reasonable and effective regulations that allow for safe access, litigated complex land use and zoning cases, and advised hundreds of medical cannabis entrepreneurs.  Kimberly is a recognized expert in this emerging area of law.  She has taught courses and lead seminars which focus on how to comply with the ever-changing legal and regulatory requirements of the cannabis industry.  She is considered a trusted source by the media and has been interviewed by NPR, CNN and many San Diego media outlets.  Kimberly is a founding Board Member of the Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access, San Diego’s leading cannabis chamber of commerce and political advocacy organization. Kimberly is also proud to serve as co-founder for the San Diego Chapter of Women Grow. Women Grow was created to connect, educate and empower the next generation of female cannabis industry leaders by creating programs and events for aspiring and current business executive.  Kimberly is also an active member of San Diego’s political community and serves on the Board of Directors of the San Diego Leadership Alliance, an organization that develops the next generation of progressive leaders in the San Diego region.  Kimberly is proud to serve as legal counsel for the San Diego County Democratic Party.

Kimberly maintains the following memberships: San Diego County Bar Association, Lawyers Club of San Diego, California NORML, American’s For Safe Access, National Cannabis Industry Association and the National Cannabis Bar Association.