Board of Directors
Nominations - Closed

By joining the Board of Directors of the National Cannabis Bar Association, you or someone you know will have the opportunity to shape the policies and priorities of the association as we enter an environment of regulated cannabis businesses. The diversity of legal expertise that is represented by our Board is key to our success, and we encourage participation by members from different jurisdictions and strive to see representation of a range of substantive concentrations and strengths. Nominations are now closed. Nominees that qualify for the general election will be listed below, and the vote will take place electronically during the last week of June!

Minimum Requirements for Board Nomination and Service

In order to serve on the NCBA Board of Directors, individuals must:

  • Have been an attorney member of NCBA for one continuous year prior to the opening of the election (June 25, 2018). Professors and retired attorneys and judges that currently have non-attorney memberships are also eligible for Board Membership;  
  • Have attended at least one in-person NCBA CLE event in the prior 12 months (Cannabis Law Institute, NCBA at NCIA, or MJBizConNEXT). If you would like to be nominated for the Board of Directors but have not attended an event in the past 12 months, consider attending The Cannabis Law Sessions at MJBizConNEXT to solidify your eligibility; and  
  • Be nominated by an attorney member outside of the nominee's firm, who must fill out the form below with the nominee's consent. 

Active Board of Directors Expectations 

Active members of the NCBA Board of Directors are expected to:

  • Serve the entire two-year term without interruption (half of the board in the current term, chosen at random, will serve an initial one-year term). 
  • Attend our in-person events. We generally hold board meetings at each in-person event, and in-person attendance is only excused for good cause. 
  • Attend one (1) leadership retreat per NCBA fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), if scheduled. 
  • Adhere to financial obligations currently in effect by engaging in fundraising and membership and sponsorship outreach. 
  • Actively participate in the management of NCBA and NCBA initiatives.
  • Adhere to additional requirements under the NCBA Bylaws.