Board of Directors
Meet Your Nominees - Election Takes Place June 25-29, 2018

As a member, you play an integral role in shaping the policies and priorities of the association as we enter an environment of regulated cannabis businesses. One of your major responsibilities is voting into office our Board of Directors. 

The diversity of legal expertise that is represented by our Board is key to our success, and we encourage participation by all of our members to elect a board that is diverse in terms of their legal practice, substantive concentrations, background, jurisdictional locations, strengths, and bar membership, among other things. 

NCBA board members are generally elected for a term of two years. However, to begin staggered board terms, while all thirteen seats are currently up for election, six of those seats will be chosen at random to serve a term of a single year.  

Please familiarize yourself with our nominees prior to the opening of the election on June 25. To provide you information and a background on our candidtates, each has provided you a personal statement. We encourage you to look up your potential future board members to further familiarize yourselves with them. Your nominees for NCBA's 2018 Board of Elections are:


Please check back the week of June 25 - voting portal will appear here. Thank you for your participation!