The INCBA strives to improve the level of legal service available to the cannabis industry and to make the everyday practice of law for the attorneys serving this industry more efficient, more secure, and more accessible through educational events, an International network of the most experienced legal counsel in cannabis, and advocacy for the legal profession and those engaged therein.

Originally founded in 2015, the National Cannabis Bar Association is Evolving to encompass additional jurisdictions and to widen the network of qualified attorneys within our members’ reach.

After four years of serving attorneys in the United States, the association has recognized that we must evolve to mirror the growth of the industry. While the timing of the fall of the federal cannabis prohibition cannot be certain, we can be sure that when it does, those market participants that are poised for the new globalized market will maintain an advantage. As the support network for lawyers serving this growing industry, it is our mission to lay the groundwork for an infrastructure that helps your practice thrive before you even know you need it.

To our US Members, let us assure you - this is not a move away from our historic concentration on the US Federal, State, and local jurisdictions. Rather, it is an expansion of our focus to include those areas that will be necessary as our clients open up new streams of commerce and cross-boarder import/export of product, financing, and intellectual property become normalized aspects of a globalized cannabis economy.

The International Cannabis Bar Association (formerly the National Cannabis Bar Association) was formed in 2015 by a group of lawyers who saw a need to educate and connect with other cannabis industry lawyers for the purpose of providing excellent, ethical, and advanced legal assistance to this growing industry.

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